When I was an angsty teenager, this cute boy was my best friend. It just so happened he was a Labrador in that lifetime. His name was Brandy, although he was almost pure white, and mostly we called him Woof.  We called him that because he took the role of guard dog very seriously, unless the person at the door happened to be bringing foodstuffs, in which case they were welcomed. Lol

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There is much to be said about friendships with animals, and I know quite a few people who actively prefer them. They are genuinely calmer, more forgiving, and always happy to see you, even when you haven’t been perfect. They don’t tend to hold grudges and they seem to intuitively know when you need some extra love and cuddles.

After I moved out of home, I left Woof at my parents place. It was his home, and by then he was really my dad’s best friend. I'm loyal hey? It's called ForNever for a reason people! Lol My girlfriend at the time got a kitten. His name was Garfield, although just like Brandy, we never called him that. I called him Kitty! It’s a thing in our family. My parents call me Missy. Always have. That isn’t my name! Lol Anyway, Kitty was my furbaby. Oh how much love and happiness that animal brought to my life. I know this sounds crazy but I always thought of him as one of my soulmates.

He made the cutest sounds, and he could do tricks. He was a big ginger fluff ball who greeted me every time I came home. He slept on my shoulder as often as he could even after he was WAY too big to fit there. He always knew when I was feeling sad, confused or lonely and somehow always made me feel better with his big loud purrs or feisty playfulness.

5 cat soulmates? Even better! Spoken like a true crazy cat lady! Lol 

5 cat soulmates? Even better! Spoken like a true crazy cat lady! Lol 

Of course, in time both of these beautiful friends passed away. One of the worst things about animal friendships is their shorter lifespans. Although I missed them both, I went on to have actual babies, and I must say, they are far more challenging! My husband said he couldn’t live in a house without pets though and so he brought us Sox.

Our Son named him that when he was a baby, being that he is a black oriental looking cat, with white paws, he thought he was wearing socks! Awww. Interestingly a psychic once told me that Woof would come back to me in the form of a black animal in his next life. Being a bit superstitious I found that unlikely and stated that I would never have a black animal. She simply smiled and said “He’ll find you.”

Sox is so different from Kitty. He’s more timid and less social. He’s also more aggressive, and guards our house the way Woof used to. Sometimes he comes on walks with us. The other day, as he sat drooling and begging for food at the dinner table the way Woof used to, I suddenly remembered what the psychic had said to me all those years ago about Brandy coming back to me in the form of a black animal.

Haha. Probably how he feels about being a cat this time around! Lol 

Haha. Probably how he feels about being a cat this time around! Lol 

I feel so happy to think that he has found me again, and that he is here to be a best friend for my children in their angsty years the way he was there for me. Someone to listen, to comfort them, to play with them and to eat their scraps!

When Brandy passed away, we had him cremated, and the inscription on his urn read “WOOF: Walk On Old Friend.” Even from beyond the grave he is helping me and sending me comforting messages.

To all the friendships that have died, and the friends who have walked away I say WOOF. Walk On Old Friends. I hope you will find me again sometime too… In this lifetime or another. If not, maybe I’ll find you. Look out! Lol

❤ Love
Your Best Friend ForNever

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