Happy GALentines Day (for tomorrow ladies)

Ok, so I am going to admit that I had never heard of this phenomenon until my recent research into all things female friendship.  If you also didn't know, it turns out this concept was the idea of Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation. It is basically a day to celebrate your gal pals. It happens the day before Valentine’s day (on the 13th… I guess she wasn’t superstitious! Lol) and is meant to be much more fun and inclusive than it's romantic counterpart.

Let’s be honest… I love Valentine’s as much as the next romantic soul, but what it boils down to really is a gimmick. Partners are pressured to make romantic gestures and in return sexual favours are also expected! With the added bitter taste it leaves for those of us who are not loved up romantically or in less conventional situations. Which is why Galentines day as an overall concept is much better!

For starters, all the ladies are included, so no lonely hearts here. Secondly there is absolutely zero pressure to do this for any sexual reward, which, in my opinion makes it more genuine. Last but not least; it is a good reminder for us all to set aside some quality fun time for the ladies in our lives and share the love!

The concept involves getting together with your closest female friends, and sharing the love. Telling your friends what you love and value about them, and hearing it in return. Sharing activities, food and drinks you enjoy and having a laugh and probably a dance. It could be at a day spa or in your living room, or maybe if you just can't get together on a Monday (2017) just sending each of your friends a loving card or message letting them know you appreciate and value the friendship?

The pro’s include getting gifts you might actually like instead of roses (which are nice, but also a little contrived!) having conversations you actually find interesting, funny and enjoyable and remembering to spend more time with your friends. In all honesty you probably already make more time for your partner than you do for your friends anyway. The con’s include….nope can’t think of any!

Relationships come and go. Sometimes you are in one and sometimes you aren’t, but most of us usually have a female supporter or 2 through it all. Maybe it is your best childhood friend, or maybe it is your sister or your mother or the girls at work. Whoever your supports are, reach out to them and make their day special in some way. And I don’t mean sending a generic email to 20 people that gets forwarded for good luck. I mean genuinely making an effort in a personal way to make a friend smile.

Maybe you could pass on a book you read that you know she would love, invite her out for a drink, lunch or a massage, pop a heartfelt card in her mailbox, buy her that best friends necklace, or send her some pictures of you both having a good time and tell her it is time to update the collection.  Or if you must be contrived and traditional, or one of you just loves roses… yellow is known as the friendship rose! :) ( mean, ok, who doesn't love getting roses?!) 

However you spend it ladies, I wish you all a very happy Galentines day, and hope you do share the love.

❤ Love

Your Best Friend ForNever