3 Easy Resolutions to strengthen your friendships

I can’t believe it is already the end of 2017?! Where did the year go? Just like many of you I am sure, I probably made some pretty loft resolutions last year that I didn’t quite live up to in the last 12 months.  So I thought this year, I would simplify the matter, and make 3 easy and attainable resolutions or friendship goals for us all to follow.

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1. Grow at least one acquaintance into a more meaningful friendship. This means spending a little more time with a person on a personal level and sharing a little more about yourselves. If you usually meet in a group, get together one on one. If you usually meet at an activity, arrange something outside of that activity.

2. Practice being more open, honest and vulnerable with your friends. Don’t say you are fine even if you are not. Don’t assume your problems are not as important as someone else’s. Let them be a friend to you, let them be there for you. Encourage them to do the same with you.

3. Schedule in more regular friend time. Maybe start with one day or evening a month and put it in your new diary as a friend day. You can plan in advance the friend and activity you would like to do, or leave it to closer to the time, but put a reminder in your phone and make it a priority to make sure you do this. Maybe ask your friends to do it too and if you can all agree on the 1st of the month or something you know most of them will also be free. Make sure you keep the time balanced. Equal talking and listening, equal fun times and equal consistency in effort to make this happen! Just like Shasta Nelson’s Friendship Formula
That’s it peoples. Simple. Good Luck!

Wishing you all the best this year, to you and all your friendships!

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❤ Love
Your best Friend ForNever


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