5 meaningful gift ideas for your female friends this festive season

Yes, I am going to say it. A friendship collage. Ok, I know how immature and outdated that suggestion sounds, but a friend of mine gave me a friendship album last year – an old school friendship album filled with pics of us together, silly selfies we have taken and sent eachother, snap shots of messages we have sent each other, references to private jokes, and a very touching letter from her thanking me for my friendship and describing all the ways I have added value to her life. One of the best, most thoughtful, sentimental and meaningful gifts I have ever received. Also it’s inexpensive, although I imagine it took hours of planning and crafting which makes it even more valuable to me. Almost as valuable as my friend! She is a gift to my life for sure! 

Time. Agree to spend time together at a dinner or a lunch. Put everything else aside, write a nice card and just make your friend a priority. Time is the best gift you can give someone.

Jewellery. Another heart - warming gift I received was a bracelet engraved with the term “Friendship reaches for your hand but touches your heart.” One of my close friends once received one earring. When my friend and the giver of the earring get together they make the effort to wear the matching side, to symbolise their being a pair. You could go the traditional best friend necklace, or each wear a matching chain with a ring engraved with each other’s names. It can be as unique as you are, and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Engraved goods. One year I got someone a make up kit and in it was a silver mirror which I had engraved with the term “Love us” (which is our slogan created largely by auto correct that we have embraced.) I know every time she uses it to look fabulous she will also feel fabulous at the reminder of our friendship!

Tickets for you and your friend to an event, show or day spa for example. Not only are you demonstrating your awesome knowledge of your friends taste in leisure activities, you are also planning an event to spend time together and create memories that will hold your friendship together. (If your friend has kids and it is possible for you to take care of the babysitting arrangements too, you get brownie points!)

Sure you could get her her favourite perfume, “a mixed tape,” a hair straightener, clothes, kitchen things, chocolates or that quirky art piece that you knew she would love, but whatever you give her, make sure it has sentimental value and expresses how much she really means to you. The real value is in the friendships not in the gifts. Thank her for her friendship – it is all the gift she needs.

Wishing you and all your friends all the best this festive season!

 ❤ Love

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Image By Roberto Nickson

Image By Roberto Nickson