For better or for worse.... 11 ways social media is impacting the quality of your friendships!

Yay! Finally! Be my friend? Please?!!! hehe 

When everyone is "too busy" to hang out but you see them all on social media.... 

No. Just. No!!!!

Anyone else have a crazy cat lady in their lives?!

Anyone else have a crazy cat lady in their lives?!

Social media does help my friends and I stay in touch with current events, each other and does provide many laughs indeed!

Who's selfie do you think this is?  I'm going with the cat... 

ok, who gets 513 messages? I'm obviously very unpopular if this is normal! haha

Come on now, it IS true?! 

Thumbs up or thumbs down?! 

Is this like the internet version of conversations in interpretive dance? Lol 

I mean, you probably shouldn't, but you can. Better for one and worse for the other! 

Social media has it's well earned place in our lives and I would never deny you your guilty pleasure. That said, if you keep showing up in real life, you shouldn't find yourself being deleted online. Equally if your friends keep showing up for you in real time then you shouldn't find yourself obsessively stalking them on social media. Keep it real people, keep it real!

❤ Love, 

Your Best Friend ForNever